CLS Lab Funding Support

The CLS Lab gratefully acknowledges the following funding support.

Australian Research Council

2017-2019 Discovery Project (DP170104600)

2010-2014 Discovery Project and Australian Research Fellowship (DP1093425)

National Health and Medical Research Council

2013-2015 Project Grant (APP1050832)

Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group)

2016-2019 Collaborative Project Agreement

2016 Collaborative Project Agreement

2014-2016 Research Agreement

Australian Government: Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

2016,2017,2018 Innovation Connections scheme

Alcidion Corporation
Sage Automation
Consilium Technology

2016 Academic Programs

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)

2016 AMSI Internship

Australian Government: Department of Education and Training

2015-2018 Joint Research Engagement Engineering Cadetship

Australian Government: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

2012 Endeavour Award