Welcome to the Computational Learning Systems Laboratory

The CLS Lab conducts research on the engineering and science of machines and organisms that change their behaviour when exposed to new data.

Our research intersects computer science, electronic engineering, applied mathematics and neuroscience.

The Lab is led by A/Prof. Mark McDonnell and A/Prof. David Kearney, at the University of South Australia.

There are two integrated research streams in the CLS-Lab.

Machine Learning:

  • • We investigate, design and apply machine learning and numerical optimization algorithms.
  • • We investigate and design parallel and heterogeneous computing architectures that deploy these algorithms.
  • • Stream leaders: Mark McDonnell and David Kearney
  • • Read more about our Research.

Computational Neuroscience:

  • • We seek to discover how the brain represents and processes information during learning, using mathematical and computational modelling.
  • • Stream leader: Mark McDonnell
  • • Read more about our CN stream.

We also aim to adopt insights from each field to the other.

What I cannot create, I do not understand.” -- Richard Feynmann


A/Prof. Mark McDonnell,

Principal Investigator

[email protected]

A/Prof. David Kearney,

Principal Investigator

[email protected]